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The first e-commerce site to integrate TRONX Blockchain platform and E-Commerce

Over the past decade, consumers have constantly changed the way they want to shop, especially in terms of shopping behavior on e-commerce channels and websites, forcing businesses to find ways to adapt to this trend.

That is why BLOCK TECHNOLOGY SLUTIONS chose e-commerce as one of its strengths.

  • o Overcoming geographical limitations
  • o Expanding customer base thanks to search engines
  • o Reasonable cost

Other costs that e-commerce could optimize for the business are as follows:

  • - Advertising and marketing
  • - Expenses for premises, real estate
  • - Human
  • - Activate deals, campaigns
  • - Keep in touch with your customers easily
  • - Still open all the time
  • - Flexible in expanding scale

Block Technology solutions

Bts Review

The first transparent review platform on Block Chain

Made using the world's most trusted Blockchain technology, BTS REVIEW always listen to user feedback fairly to protect brands and consumers from any destructive behavior.

Provide quality and reliable reviews

Store reviews on a transparent Blockchain platform. BTS REVIEW attach importance to the authenticity and accuracy of customer feedback. Objective scoring mechanism: User score (rated by the community) and Beta Score (assessed by experts) provide a multi-dimensional perspective for users.

Multi-channel & cross-platform interaction

Share reviews to multiple digital platforms in just 1 click. Easily navigate to e-commerce sites, creating a convenient shopping experience for users. Additionally, the platform's Marketplace feature encourages engagement and increases brand sales.

Collecting statistical and survey data

Provides the most intuitive brand reporting on user behavior. Conveniently collect reviews and feedback from customers in a short time. Survey customer information, help businesses improve product / service quality or test the market from real assessments and bring sustainable solutions to businesses in their journey to win customers' hearts.

Integrate effective marketing tools

Reaching a community of thousands of users and promoting brand image through BTS REVIEW, Email Marketing, Customer Data Management, Surveys, Reviews, Ranking, Advertising with KOLs.

bts wallet
block technology solutions
What is BTSchain?

BTSchain is a blockchain platform developed with the aim of becoming a public blockchain that integrates Tronx's servers with faster transactions, low transaction fees and high security.

First of all, BTS WALLET, is a p2p digital wallet application with a simple, fast-experience interface, a secure, safe and decentralized portal containing all Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BLOCK TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS(BTS) and other top tokens, cryptocurrencies.

BTS WALLET serves worldwide members passionate about Blockchain and holding cryptocurrencies. The user easy to swap between coins and tokens, use smart contracts and quickly browse decentralized applications (Dapp).

To coordinate unlock and access features with more secure security mechanisms such as Face ID and fingerprint.

BTSchain Was Born To Solve What?

We already know about blockchain technology and what the platform has to offer through the birth of Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, in the process of using, or this platform has encountered shortcomings and does not promote its full potential. Therefore, BTSchain was born to solve:

  • * High transaction costs
  • * Low scalability with platform restraint
  • * Overcrowding and congestion of transactions happen often
  • * Many blockchains are not optimized to interact with Ethereum
  • * How BTSchain Handles the Problem
  • * To solve the problem posed above. BTSchain has improved and upgraded the platform to Proof of Stake Voting with 150 Master Nodes. This mechanism helps to reduce transaction fees and transaction confirmation time within 2s.
bts wallet
block technology solutions


The development of blockchain technology, the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or the birth of DeFi decentralized financial platforms are the reasons why many NFT game projects previously are just ideas now. could have been realized. BTS will also launch a unique NFT game product in 2022.

Previously, games were simply entertainment, but NFT games create real value for players, which can become a new source of income under the "play to earn" model.

At BTS, the NFT game is a unique digital product on the blockchain. This feature makes NFT suitable for making avatars to represent characters or as in-game assets. Users can sell NFT in-game items to other players, or obtain digital currencies.

BTS Game releases games that are not considered a game for blockchain players. This is the first game available to a large number of players around the globe at large. Absolutely no prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies is required. Therefore, we mainly compare to the casual games market, and target the same players. A much larger audience than before in the blockchain gaming sector and a larger opportunity related to revenue.

Block Technology solutions


In the documents of BLOCK TECHNOLOGY SLUTIONS, assets are like tokens

  • 1. symbol is BTS token.
  • 2. Number of 100 billion BTS Token
  • 3. Distribution ratio:

    The official token is BTS. The amount of 100 billion BTS Tokens, divided according to the ratio: 45% community, 25% investment fund, 20% destroyed in 5 years to create scarcity and increase the value of Token and 10% IT Dev team.