TRONX Blockchain and E-Commerce
TRONX Blockchain and E-Commerce

Over the past decade, consumers have continuously changed the way they shop, especially in terms of shopping behavior on e-commerce channels and websites, forcing businesses to find ways to adapt to this trend. The data on consumer demand and customer habits are as follows:

  • * 53.1% of consumers prefer to research and buy products online
  • * 28.9% of them prefer to research online and buy offline
  • * Only 18% of consumers say they prefer to research products in physical stores. That's why BLOCK TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION chooses e-commerce as one of its strengths.

o Overcoming geographic restrictions

o Expanding customer base thanks to search engines

o Reasonable cost

With the support of ever-evolving technology, it will be easier for consumers to find, compare and buy goods from online websites, e-commerce marketplaces, mobile applications. and physical store. and social sites, rather than following traditional commercial models. When considering this percentage, we can say that e-commerce is expanding and growing because of the benefits that e-commerce brings to businesses.

  • * shopping online
  • * research online and buy offline
  • * research products in physical stores.
What is Shopcrypto?

Is an e-commerce platform applying Blockchain technology to pay for products and services to help optimize payment for consumers.

Is a payment platform that helps businesses issue tokens based on Blockchain smart contracts that can be applied to their community to be allowed to pay for products and services.

This is considered a perfect combination in connecting the trading community and a solution for financial businesses.

Shopcrypto can be viewed as a marketplace for products and services of all types of tokens accepted for payment on the platform.

Is a transparent and safest trading platform for consumers as well as the control of the transaction status of the business community. invented an automated process to automate the cryptocurrency accepted by all our merchants without using gift cards or any other money laundering scheme.

When you purchase an item, any cryptocurrency is sent to the payment processor. The USDT will then be sent to our merchants, who will then deliver your goods to your door.

Cashback Program

Vendor 1-100% Cashback on products

Refund is the feature of partially refunding a customer's money after making a purchase or using a service from a particular supplier. This cashback feature helps customers save more in shopping costs.

Shoppers: Get 1% to 100% refund at the rate that the seller wants to refund to the buyer during the product posting process. Get 1 time refund after successful transaction completion and receive in payment currency, and also get refund according to payout ratio between token and USDT.

Purchase commission

Buying experience, invite friends to buy together to receive more commissions from the referrer.

Receive 1% or 5% on the order depending on the type of product or service that the referred person (F1) buys and (F1) sells.

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